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Jesus Rode a Dinosaur, we are a music making company with a focus on creating, recording, and distributing music.

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Jesus Rode a Dinosaur

Old Time Boxing + Leesta Vall Vinyl Release

Old Time Boxing is teaming up with Leesta Vall to release a limited edition, custom vinyl. Since these are custom the buyer please pre-order your copy now, and support Old Time Boxing and Jesus Rode a Dinosaur. LINK TO ORDER

Kelsey Gang

Jesus Rode a Dinosaur Records presents, Kelsey Gang produced by Groove Kennedy. A 9 track compilation album featuring 4 artists now working with our record label. CDs are now available to purchase! Vinyl and cassettes will be available soon, and will be available on Spotify and other streaming outlets November 27th. Meet the Kelsey Gang […]

Kelsey Gang Preorder Now

The first project from our label, Kelsey Gang, is now available to pre-order via Amazon, and it is also available to save on spotify. AMAZON SPOTIFY The official release date is November 27th.

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