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Students Shout out “Jesus Rode a Dinosaur” During your Zoom Class Meetings and win!

That’s right children, we are offering the chance for two lucky students or groups of students to win $100 bucks in cash! All you have to do is yell out, “Jesus Rode a Dinosaur!” during a zoom classroom meeting, while recording it, and then send us the video! Send the video to

Scratch that send it to

The first winner will be drawn, randomly, live via our facebook page, Jesus Rode a Dinosaur Facebook, on Friday December 18th.

The second winner will be picked to win the $100 bucks via how ‘creative’ their video is. Any and all options are open, and it is the same deal, record the video and it to the same email. We can’t define what creative means so get creative!

After sending us the video, you do agree to allow us to put the video up on our youtube channel!

May the best or worst or middle of the road student win!