Kelsey Gang Music

Kelsey Gang

Jesus Rode a Dinosaur Records presents, Kelsey Gang produced by Groove Kennedy. A 9 track compilation album featuring 4 artists now working with our record label. CDs are now available to purchase! Vinyl and cassettes will be available soon, and will be available on Spotify and other streaming outlets November 27th.

  1. Meet the Kelsey Gang (Madame Stir Crazy)
  2. Somedays (Old Time Boxing)
  3. Funny Honey (Ce N’est Rein)
  4. House Fire 
  5. Last Rights (Grey Lady Ghost)
  6. Communique (Interlude)
  7. Nowhere Man (Barber & Connors)
  8. Morning After… (Skit)
  9. Funny Honey (Second Take) (Ce N’est Rein)



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